Cookie Policy

Last Updated: 1 June 2021 

1. Introduction 

This is our Cookie Policy, which explains how we use cookies on our website. 

This Cookie Policy is subject to and should be read with our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

2. What is a cookie? 

Cookies are small amounts of data stored by the websites you visit on your device. 

Each time you visit a website (including by reloading or refreshing a webpage), the website can read the cookies it has stored on your device. 

3. How we use cookies on this website 

Our website uses cookies. 

We use these cookies in several ways, as follows: 

(a)  where you have logged in to an account on our website – to authenticate and maintain your user session while you are logged in; 

(b) to facilitate the functions of this website and improve your user experience. For example, we may use cookies to remember your user preferences and settings, whether you have seen or dismissed a pop-up or notification, or whether you have already completed a questionnaire or website form; 

(c) to facilitate transactions using our website, such as remembering your shopping cart items, checkout settings and other options or preferences; 

(d) to monitor the performance and use of our website, which we use for product or website development and improvement purposes; 

(e) for marketing purposes, including to show you product suggestions, features or advertisements that better align with your interests and are more relevant to you. 

Generally, our cookies contain anonymised data. They do not store sensitive or personal information, such as your name, address or payment details. 

We use cookies and the data stored in them in accordance with our Privacy Policy

4. Third-Party cookies 

We work with third parties, such as Shopify, who provide us with our online shopping plaform, marketing and analytics services. 

Shopify and its affiliates, service providers or partners may store cookies on your device, which are used for marketing purposes and to tailor advertisements to your interests. For example, after visiting our website, you may see advertisements for our products in advertising displayed on other websites. You may also see advertisements for related products. 

These third-party cookies generally do not track or store your personal information, but they may use a unique identifier specific to your device or browser. 

You can read more about the cookies used by the Shopify platform in Shopify's Cookie Policy.

5. How to manage cookies 

5.1. How to delete cookies 

Some cookies (known as session cookies) are automatically cleared when you close your browser session. 

Other cookies (known as persistent cookies) may be stored on your device for longer periods of time. These are generally removed by your browser automatically once they expire. 

You may also manually clear cookies at any time in your browser settings. Please note that if you clear cookies, any settings or preferences stored in such cookies will not be retained in your browser. 

5.2. How to disable cookies 

If you do not wish to use cookies, you may disable them in your browser settings. Your browser settings may also have options to: 

(a) disable or block cookies altogether; 

(b) disable or block cookies from a particular website; 

(c) disable or block third-party cookies; 

(d) request that websites do not track your browsing; 

(e) view or remove individual cookies, or all cookies for a particular website, from your device; 

(f) clear all cookies every time you close your browser; 

(g) browse websites in a "private" mode. 

There are many third-party software products and services (such as web browser extensions and apps) that can assist you to manage the use of cookies while browsing. 

5.3. What may happen if I disable or block cookies? 

Please note that disabling or blocking cookies may break or restrict the functionality of our website and reduce the quality of your user experience. Some features of our website may not be available, or may not function as expected. 

5.4. Further information 

To find out more about how to manage cookies, check the "Help", "Support" or "Settings" sections in your browser, browser extension, operating system or device. 

If you are part of an organisation, check with your IT support team or system administrator.

6. General 

6.1. Definitions 

Unless the context otherwise requires, the following words and phrases used in this Policy will have the meanings set out below: 

Privacy Policy 

The Privacy Policy published on our website. 

Terms of Service 

The Terms of Service published on our website. 

we / us / our 

The County of Bourke Pty Ltd trading as  ATKM  (ABN 20 138 673 060). 

6.2. Interpretation 

This policy forms part of, and is to be interpreted in the same way as, our Terms of Service.