Care Guide

Take care of your ATKM gear and it will take care of you. 

Canvas and Nettle
To clean your canvas, simply use a dry soft brush to move any dirt or dust. Spot cleaning with cold water is the best way to tackle any marks. Ensure the canvas dries completely before being packed away.
For those of you who like to get your hands (and apron/bag) dirty, a cold machine wash will get your ATKM gear looking tidy in no time. Air dry in a shady space and nourish any leather well with a neutral colour leather cream.

We recommend using a neutral leather conditioner on your bag or wallet every 4-5 months. Apply a small amount to the leather, then buff after a few minutes. This will give your bag a subtle, low shine.
Waterproofing your bag is ok too, although it isn’t essential. Waterproofing sprays will naturally darken and give a matte finish to the leather.

Flax linen is a strong, durable material. Simply airing out your bag is a nice way to freshen it up, although for tougher marks, a cold, gentle wash every now and then is suitable. The leather straps will be fine in the machine.

Brass Hardware
If you wish to polish your brass hardware, use a soft cloth to apply some metal polish, ensuring you wipe any excess off both the metal and leather.


Please contact us on 03 9415 6668 or if you have any questions, queries, or concerns. We are pleased to provide any repairs or amendments to your bag, so you can enjoy it day in, day out.