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Union Artisan Canvas Apron

Colour: Black

Pickup available at The Natural Shoe Store

Usually ready in 24 hours

Where Craftsmanship Meets Enduring Comfort

Discover the perfect companion for your craft in the Union Artisan Canvas Apron. Designed with the discerning artisan in mind, it offers a durable shield against the rigors of creativity while celebrating the comfort and style of tailored design.

Detailed Information:

  • Material: Crafted from high-grade, waterproof cotton canvas, this apron stands ready to face the scratches, bumps, splashes and spills of your passion.
  • Design: Featuring ergonomic leather straps that provide a customisable fit, our apron evolves with you, softening and adapting to your unique shape with every wear.
  • Functionality: Equipped with a spacious front pocket and reinforced with riveted leather straps, this apron isn’t just for wearing—it’s a tool for your trade.
  • Durability: Constructed to endure, with attention to detail that ensures it withstands daily use and becomes a part of your creative ritual.
  • Heritage: Each apron is a testament to skilled craftspersonship from our Melbourne Atelier, imbued with a legacy of quality and an ethos of artisan pride.

A Living Chronicle of Your Craft

The Union Artisan Canvas Apron is more than a protective layer; it’s a companion on your creative journey. With every use, it gains character, subtly narrating the story of your dedication to the craft. Its intelligent design ensures it’s not just part of your workshop, whatever or wherever that may be—it’s part of your process.

Embrace the art of creation with the Union Artisan Canvas Apron. Step into a garment that celebrates every masterpiece and mishap alike. Don’t just make; create with distinction.

Claim your partner in craftspersonship today.

Colour: Black

Product information

New Zealand cowhide leather straps
Australian made 8-ounce cotton canvas

75 cm x 57 cm

To clean your canvas, simply use a dry soft brush to move any dirt or dust. Spot cleaning with cold water is the best way to tackle any marks. Ensure the canvas dries completely before being packed away.

For those of you who like to get your hands (and apron/bag) dirty, a cold machine wash will get your ATKM gear looking tidy in no time. Air dry in a shady space.

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