The Workers Drawstring Backpack

Colour: Cream

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Unveiling Uncharted Paths: Discover Purposeful Travel with The Worker’s Drawstring Backpack

Embark on a journey where sustainability meets style with The Worker’s Drawstring Backpack. More than a simple drawstring bag, it encapsulates the spirit of conscious adventure and redefines the essence of exploration. This bag seamlessly transitions from your daily grind to spontaneous escapades, adding a touch of eco-conscious elegance to every step.

Detailed Information:

Material: At the core of this innovative bag lies a story of transformation. Crafted from upcycled Australia Post bags, each piece carries with it tales of resilience and sustainability. The sturdy canvas, repurposed with care, not only contributes to environmental preservation but also withstands the test of time. Complemented by a chunky jumbo cord drawstring, it's an embodiment of eco-friendly sophistication.

Design Specifics: Infused with functionality and flair, this drawstring bag features an adjustable closure system for secure storage. The lightweight design, coupled with an expandable interior, ensures versatility for any occasion. The bag’s simplicity is not just in aesthetics but also in its commitment to easy, on-the-go use.

Capacity Insights: Designed for the minimalist traveler, The Worker’s Drawstring Backpack boasts a deceptively spacious interior. From daily essentials to impromptu purchases, it accommodates your needs effortlessly. The drawstring closure allows for quick access, making it an ideal companion for those who value both form and function.

Durability Factors: Embrace the unexpected with a bag that mirrors your resilience. The upcycled canvas material is not only environmentally conscious but also provides durability against the elements. Trust in its strength as you navigate diverse terrains, knowing your belongings are secure and your impact is positive.

Craftsmanship: Born from a commitment to repurpose and reimagine the everyday, The Worker’s Drawstring Backpack pays homage to the artisanal spirit of Melbourne. Every stitch, fold, and detail reflects a fusion of modern design with a nod to traditional craftsmanship and trades.

Arrive in style with The Worker’s Drawstring Backpack, delivering to all aspects of your life.

Every journey, whether it’s a stroll through the city or an impromptu hike, is a canvas waiting to be painted with unique experiences. The Worker’s Drawstring Backpack isn’t just a companion; it’s a conscious choice to tread lightly on the planet while making a bold statement. Honouring the heart of what keeps Australia moving, this bag invites you to carry not just belongings, but a commitment to a sustainable future.

Your Eco-Friendly Path awaits with The Worker’s Drawstring Backpack. Deliver the goods today.


Please let us know if the order notes which colour rope you would like.

Please also note that each bag in unique with different print in different places.

Colour: Cream

Product information

Upcycled Australia Post cotton canvas post bags
Australian made polyester rope
Polyester webbing and binding
Brass eyelets

38cm x 27cm x 19cm
width tapers to 21cm at top of bag

To clean your canvas, simply use a dry soft brush to move any dirt or dust. Spot cleaning with cold water is the best way to tackle any marks. Ensure the canvas dries completely before being packed away.
For those of you who like to get your hands (and apron/bag) dirty, a cold machine wash will get your ATKM gear looking tidy in no time. Air dry in a shady space and nourish any leather well with a neutral colour leather cream.

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