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Proudly Australian Made


Recently, you met the people behind our manufacturing, Andrew, Bev, and Snow. They have been crafting our goods for many years, in the beautiful Dandenong ranges. Manufacturing locally is something we are extremely proud of; it keeps jobs in Australia and lowers the environmental impact of the bags we use every day.


In the time since you met our artisans, we have been busy becoming certified with The Australian Made Campaign. They are a third-party organisation who audits and ensures compliance for companies who wish to promote themselves as Australian made. All our products are now officially certified, so you can be sure that each piece you carry from us is truly made locally.


Manufacturing locally is a slow process that allows us to create a deep connection with the people who make our bags and carefully design our pieces. After we conceptualise a new piece, we take it through the prototype stage. This is then revised and wear-tested until every detail is perfected. From here, we take our finished sample and patterns out to our workshop, finalise colours and begin the small batch production. We continue to meet with our team each week, passing on any feedback we receive from you, allowing us to tweak our bags according to your needs and recommendations.


Every piece you carry with you has been through many hands before you take it home with you. We are a proud team, we love what we do, and are grateful to you for being a part of the journey each of our pieces takes.



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