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Keeping Australian craftsmanship alive - Slow and steady wins the race

In a world where we’re bombarded with new products and new information at lighting speed, the slow and intentional act of creating and designing is a salve for the soul. The tactile nature of touching, feeling (and smelling) quality materials like leather and canvas is a beautiful thing, with the ability to transport us to familial memories and travels. 

This nostalgic nod lies at the heart of what we do here at ATKM. Our main intention is to create products you’ll treasure for years to come. Products that will carry you through the various facets of your life. Products that hold the potential to be passed down through generations, along with a litany of great stories.  

It’s an ethos we share with the artisans at our Australian workshop located in Melbourne’s Dandenong Ranges, less than 50km away from our shop front in Fitzroy North.

Our small team of artisans hold a wealth of knowledge and skill in the art of leather craftsmanship. With Andrew studying at the renowned Cordwainer’s Technical College in London before working abroad in Denmark and India. A walking encyclopaedia, Andrew was previously a lecturer at Melbourne’s RMIT university, ensuring that these traditional crafts are kept alive by future generations. 

Andrew, along with his partner Bev and Snow, make up our dedicated team of artisans. The 3 of them hand-cut, stitch and sew each piece in our ATKM collection. Their commitment to craft transcends mere production lines, with a deeper passion for bringing a product to life from scratch and a desire to continue the history of Australian manufacturing driving what they do. 

Having an extensive and long-spanning background working in the Australian leather goods and bag industry, they have seen how the local industry has been impacted by the ease and affordability of off-shore imports introduced in the 1970s and 80s. The reduction in demand for local craftspeople was what saw them open up their own studio and we're so proud to be able to work with them to continue to uphold Australia’s reputation for quality made goods. 

ATKM takes pride in its ethical practices, ensuring fair wages and working conditions for our artisans. By supporting local communities and traditional crafts, we play a pivotal role in safeguarding cultural diversity and promoting sustainable livelihoods. 

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