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Introducing 'The Standard' Collection

As we celebrate 20 years of the ATKM brand, a milestone marking a turning point in our journey, we reflect on our history and the evolution of society. In an era marked by rapid global expansion and technological advancements, the call to return to simpler times resonates deeply.

‘The Standard' Collection is a homage to our roots and the spirit of the early 2000s. Inspired by our very first bag, the Runway Model Messenger, this collection brings together utilitarian design and the essence of Fitzroy’s culture, in particular The Standard Hotel, a place where great minds meet and where the ATKM brand was first conceived over a pot of pale ale. 

Pictured above: The original Runway Model Messenger, circa 2003. 

Design Details:

Each bag in ‘The Standard’ collection is a testament to you, individually numbered and hand-stamped for a personalized touch, with a nod to this new millennium. Vibrantly coloured interiors, soft padded finishes, and sensory-rich velcro closures transport you to joyful times. We've also made sure there's a tonne of pockets to help you store your essentials with ease.

Meet the Collection: 

The Standard Mini - Stylish and compact the Mini is your companion for modern day life. Designed to fit all your essentials while keeping them easily accessible at a moments notice. Whether it's the rush of the city, the laughter shared over coffee, or the beats of festival drums, The Standard Mini is designed to blend seamlessly into the backdrop of your life, becoming a part of your everyday movements. 

The Standard Midi is a true classic. The ideal bag for navigating busy city streets or relishing in a leisurely stroll, this messenger bag is there to add a touch of fun to your daily commute.


The Standard Backpack is your option for a life lived to the fullest. Designed to bridge your work hustle with spontaneous weekend adventures. There's plenty of space to carry your everyday necessities, a grocery haul full of cheese and also pack for a short escape.  

Quality and Craftsmanship

From the very beginning we’ve been committed to keeping our production local and using the best materials possible.

'The Standard' collection is made from responsibly sourced Scottish Waxed cotton, a durable fabric that’s water-resistant, naturally breathable and long-lasting. The waxed finish means the canvas adapts to varying climates and conditions, ensuring it gets better with each wear.

We've worked diligently with our team of artisans to bring this collection to life and we're so proud to represent the great craftsmanship Australia has to offer. Supporting local production and continuing to keep these skills alive and passed down through generations is so important to our local industries. 

So join us in celebrating our 20th anniversary and the importance of people, connection, and community with ‘The Standard Collection.’ Your significance in the world, captured in every detail.

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